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Hang on in there

Dear Members,

As life returns to a sense of normality with the children returning to school we wanted to update you all on our plans. We have been really busy in preparation through the Summer, so this is a longer post than normal but there is a lot to share.


We are in conversation with Woodcote High about the possibility of returning soon. They are receptive but clearly both the school and CGC need to make sure that our Covid-19 policies and procedures are aligned. The discussion continues and we hope to have news to share shortly.


We are well into our build of the club's first permanent home on Caterham High Street. We have removed over 400 tonnes of rubble for the HUGE pits that we have dug which will house our trampoline and a foam pit for dismounts from floor, beam and bars.

We have two very large air handling units which will keep us cool in the summer, warm in the winter and circulate lots of fresh air which is very good for us all in the current Covid climate. The system is designed to be Covid Safe.

The new site will also house a dance studio upstairs where we've just installed a lovely new sky lantern which lets in lots of light.

Covid 19

Due to COVID we will be running our classes very differently. We will be running recreational classes on different days to squads so as to keep numbers in the buildings down. Recreational classes will be running in Caterham on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings and possibly at Coulsdon on Saturdays.

The other major difference will be that while the pandemic is still around, parents will not be able to come into the buildings. Children will be greeted and will enter the building and be coached in groups of 8, and will be delivered back to parents from a second entrance/exit.

Much more info will be given closer to opening along with a video to show you and your children how we will be working to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Good news at Caterham is that there is a big Waitrose carpark opposite the gym and a further one at Morrison’s just up the road. There are plenty of shops and independent coffee shops as well as the usual coffee giants (Nero and Costa), for parents to spend their time while the children train.

Caterham Opening

We will be opening our doors in Caterham in early October (date to be confirmed nearer the time), and we can’t wait to welcome as many of you as possible as well as new faces who wish to join us at the new state of the art facility.

We have booked celebrity guests to open the doors, meet and greet and maybe even do some coaching or gymnastics themselves. Yes they all have one thing in common, they are all either current gymnasts or have been gymnasts so get guessing.

The new website

If you're reading this, you are already looking at our updated website.

This now has a members area, which will contain content for our club members. If you request access you will be able to view a gallery of the new facility as it is being developed.

We will be using this area to keep you informed of events within the club and also take care of some of the administration. You will have to fill in a Covid disclaimer questionnaire each time your child trains. It's only a couple of button clicks, but is part of our Covid safety policy. You have to become a site member to access these pages as we keep your data confidential.

We hope to bring you more good news soon, but in the meantime, hope that your children are all enjoying being back in the classroom and everyone is staying safe and well.

Croydon Gymnastics Club

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