Virtual Dance Class

Lockdown 2

Zoom Classes

Join us over the next 4 weeks and prepare, ready to come into the new gym after lockdown!

We will have some of our newest coaches that have joined the team running sessions.

They are level 4 and 5 coaches (High Performance)

It will be a great opportunity to get to know them and our new program for when we get back into the gym

We will be including

  • Games

  • Shapes

  • Body Management

  • Balance

  • Learning a routine for a display

  • And much more

Just £25 for 4 weeks
Contact us using the form below, or email to book a place

5:30 to 6:20

5 to 8 year olds


6:20 to 7:10

8 years and older


9:00 to 9:50

Under 5s

9:50 to 10:40

6 to 8 year olds

10:40 to 11:30

8 years and older