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Terms and Conditions

  1. My child will arrive wearing the club leotard or for boys shorts and t-shirt, with all jewellery removed and hair neatly tied back. Any additional tops should be removed after warm-up 

  2. My child will arrive punctually for all training sessions 

  3. My child will be accompanied by and collected from the Sports Hall by an authorised adult.  A letter of authority will be on file if I require them to leave the Sports Hall unaccompanied. 

  4. My Child will ensure that their mobile phone is switched off throughout training 

  5. I will ensure that all fees are paid promptly by standing order by the 7th of the month.  Failure to do so will result in a late payment admin fee of £2.50 and my child being unable to train until such time as fees are paid. 

  6. I will give Croydon Gymnastics Club 1 months notice of my intention to leave the club.  Failure to give such notice will result in 1 months fees being due. 

  7. Croydon Gymnastics Club operates a Non-bullying policy and therefore if my daughter/son, after a full investigation is deemed to be the perpetrator of any bullying she/he may be asked to leave the club. 

  8. I accept that I or another adult will regularly help with the setting up and putting away of equipment if my child’s lesson coincides with the start of or end of the club training day. (Hours are Tues 5-8, Wed 5-8, Fri 5-8.30 and Sat 9.15-1.15) 


In accordance with the terms of our letting agreement with Woodcote High School 

  • No dogs are allowed on site at any time – this includes dogs left in cars while parked on the school property. 

  • No smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vaping on the school grounds at any time. 

  • There is a 10mph speed limit while driving on school grounds.  There are children onsite including your own, please drive with careful consideration. 

  • Please ensure you dispose of any litter in the bins provided.  There are both refuse and recycling bins in the gym and various large bins around the school site. 

  • Please be considerate to our neighbours when leaving the gym, and keep noise levels down. 

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