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Minutes of Annual General Meeting

25th May 2019


25th May 2019,1:30pm

Sports Hall,

Woodcote High School,

Meadow Rise,


Surrey CR5 2EH


The Annual General Meeting is the opportunity for all Club Members to hear about the club's activities over the last 12 months, to vote for Officer roles and other matters.

All Club Members are eligible to attend and vote.

Steve O'Hara

Rolland Velho

Cara Frampton

Shaun Frampton

Toni Bowden

Amanda Lockwood

Rebecca Murrihy

Richard Goulden

Ian Stratton

James Carter

Karen Sanchez

Wendy Shaw

Philip Bowles

Charlotte Ingram

Danielle Henry

Tania Sidoli

William Flint

Melissa Flint

Brodie Harris

Tom Clark

Jack Clark

Isabella Ardley


Review of the Past Year's activities - Will Flint (Head Coach)

Will updated everyone on the progress made over the course of the last year – the addition of two new recreation classes on a Wednesday evening and the new class to start on Tuesday 4th June 2019;  new coaches recruited to assist with the Club’s increasing size and classes;  the purchase of new equipment including the Gymnova air floor and trampoline;  recovering of mats;  and the overall increase in gymnast numbers at the Club.


Review of the Club's Financial Statement - Phil Bowles (Treasurer)

Phil updated everyone on the significant increase in gymnast numbers over the last year which has increased monies received by the Club making the Club’s financial position much more stable.    


Phil updated everyone on the new billing system which the Club is now using, invoices being emailed to all gymnasts, being a set figure each month, allowing members to set up direct debits, together with the introduction of the iZettle payment system used in the Club and Stripe which can be used for payments online. 


Phil gave brief details of the Club’s current financial position, a detailed breakdown of which is available for anyone wishing to view them. 


Adoption of a formal Constitution - Will Flint (Head Coach) and Phil Bowles (Treasurer)

Will gave details of how the Club has turned around and progressed immensely in the last year, with many plans to progress the Club even further in the months and years ahead.  With this in mind, there needs to be a form of succession to take the Club from “no fixed abode to a charitable status”. Consequently, the Club needs a formal Constitution.  By having a Constitution, it will:- 


  1. provide protection for the Club’s officers resulting in the Club being able to develop further; and 

  2. enable the Club to enter in to contracts. 


Phil outlined that the Club will become an Unincorporated Association, the simplest form of a non-profit organisation.  The Club will aim to be a CASC – Community Amateur Sports Club with no one person having a dominant influence.  Eventually the Club would hope to progress to a Limited Company. 


Re-Election of Club Officer Roles

The Club will have no permanent Officers, instead the Officers will stand down at each AGM and can then be re-elected.In this regard, the following Officers were proposed, seconded and unanimously voted in:- 


Chair – William Flint 

Treasurer – Philip Bowles 

Secretaries – Charlotte Ingram and Wendy Shaw 

Head Coach – William Flint 

Welfare Officers – Karen Sanchez, Wendy Shaw and Catherine Sinclair-Smith 


A vote was also held on the formation of the Club’s Constitution which was unanimously voted in. 


Any Other Business

A question was asked as to how Will sees the Club progressing to which he replied that he hopes to move to 5 days a week training by next year.  He hopes that the Club’s site can be redeveloped and eventually the Club will be open 7 days a week. 


It was suggested that the Club should make people Members instead of the current pay as you go basis, in order to make everyone feel more involved and part of the Club. 


It was noted that the Club needs a Social Secretary. 


It was also noted that the Club needs more exposure on social media and more Google reviews. 


A monthly newsletter was suggested with links to social media. 


Steve O’Hara set up the Club’s website but is very happy for people to add to it and/or someone to take control of the running of it to make it more of an interactive site. 

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